Bodum Mousse Battery Operated Milk Frother


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The world of coffee would only be half exciting if there was not that delicious layer of milk foam sitting on top of it, bringing any coffee to its perfection! From lattes to cappuccinos, the SCHIUMA SET Milk frother set lets you prepare the seductively smooth and dense milk foam with the push of a button! The milk frother features a world novelty: The patented blender, a spiral attached to the rod, can be adjusted according to the amount of milk that needs frothing. Achieve best results without wasting battery!

How can I use it?

• Before using the MOUSSE for the first time, place the 2 batteries in the battery container inside the lid.
• Place the carafe onto a flat and non-slip surface.
• Fill the frother with milk, max up to the indicated max mark.
• Place the lid onto the carafe.
• Start frothing by pushing the button on top of the lid for 20 seconds.
• Monitor the consistency of the foam through the carafe.
• If you like warm froth, microwave on high for 30 to 50 seconds. Be sure to remove the lid before placing the carafe in the microwave.
• Spoon the milk froth out of the carafe onto the coffee. Enjoy!
• Note: When milk gets frothy, it naturally turns slightly sweet.

Tips and Hints

• For most efficient frothing use cold or warm milk.
• Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk is easiest to foam. The best taste however provides the somewhat more challenging whole milk.
• To receive denser foam give the carafe a little knock to break up the biggest air bubbles after you finished frothing.
• Allow the milk to rest for about 1 minute. The froth will thicken significantly during this time.

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Weight 23 oz


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